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Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are for those people who bite or do not have strong healthy nails. The acrylic nail s placed on the end of your natural nail, making them length of your choice. A thin layer of acrylic is then applied over the top, giving your nails a long and natural looking appearance.

Acrylic In-Fill

This technique uses acrylic powder to fill in acrylic nails that have grown out. Acrylic In-Fills should be applied approximately every two weeks.

Gel Nails

Gel nails are for those people who don't wish to colour or polish their nails. Two coats of Gel are applied over an acrylic tip, leaving your nails with a clear and shiny appearance.

Acrylic Pink & White Powder

Acrylic pink and white powder is similar to acrylic nails except that a two part procedure is used to give your nails a French manicure look. First a white powder is applied from he cuticle to the tip, and then a pink powder is applied to the rest of the nail. the result is a French manicure look that you do not have to worry about polishing.

Powder Gel Nails

This procedure is for those who are allergic to acrylic powder. using the same techniques as Acrylic Nails, a gel powder is applied in place of acrylic powder to give you nails a long and natural looking appearance.


Our Manicures keep your nails looking great. First your cuticles are pushed back and tidied. Then your finger nails are cut and shaped. Next we massage your arms then we finish by polishing your nails.

Manicure Express 

is the same procedure as manicure, just without the massage.

Spa Pedicure

Our Spa Pedicure is the ultimate in full body relaxation. First your feet are soaked in a whirlpool while you recline in a massage chair that massages your entire body. Then your toe nails are trimmed, your cuticles are shaped, dead skin is removed and a full leg massage is given. Next we finish by polishing your toe nails.

Pedicure Express

is the same procedure as Spa Pedicure, without the massage.



Re fills over the prescribed maximum 2 - 3 week period will be charged an extra fee

We are not responsible for the following...

  • Breaking, cracking, lifting or infected nails.
  • Damage to the original design (charges apply for rectification)
  • No Refund